About Us

In 1981, Al Ain Farms For Livestock Production was formed under the directive of the late great Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, father of the nation. The company was charged with the responsibility to deliver fresh dairy products for the first time in the country when the only choice on supermarket shelves was powdered and canned milk.

The establishing of the first dairy farm in the UAE with just 200 cows heralded the beginning of a greater initiative for the region to become self-suficient in food production and formed the first initiative tackling food security in the area.

Al Ain Farms quickly established itself and helped change the food manufacturing landscape of the country. Throughout the last 3 decades, Al Ain Farms has remained at the forefront of a growing dairy and poultry industry, leading the way in market trends and innovation and becoming the national's favorite dairy and poultry brand.

Today, Al Ain Farms is poised for exponential growth as it embarks on ambitious plans that will propel the company to wider markets and greater opportunities.